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Hi Carolann,

What service! Thank you so much for your quick response. I forgot to mention also that they'll be looking for an effective date of 4/18/13 (I believe), which is mom & dad's renewal.

So happy that we found you. We've in the past been surprised that an agency was literally being handed a risk, and chose not to act quickly enough ending up losing out on a free lead. Kudo's to you, and you may forward this to the agency owner!

Please let us know if the change in effective date (quote in advance) and credit score offer any additional credits. We will be in touch prior to this date! I am confident in sending him over to you, and thank you again for your great service.

Warmest Regards,


I have to say that I was very impressed with the competence and skill that Sasha Maestas demonstrated while assisting me with my insurance needs! a true professional!  

Gwen J.

Its very nice to have a local agent like Kevin there to answer my calls and call my voicemails back that same day. The old American Family agent we had was impossible to get ahold of it feelt like. Thanks again for the hard work you do!  

- Karl

Easy to get a good price on insurance through these guys. They are open late and even open on Saturday which is great for me since I did not have to take any time off work to get an SR22 policy and get my license back. 

- Robert G.

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