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Auto Accidents

While it is important to follow the state laws regarding driving, such as not texting or actively talking on cell phones while driving, accidents can still occur. Being prepared may make a difference in your ability to stay calm after an accident occurs. Below are some suggestions to help you in the event that you are involved in an accident.

When an accident does happen be sure to stay calm and check if you or anyone else is injured. Call an ambulance right away if it appears bodily injury has occurred. Turn on your hazard lights and put out a flare or cone to warn traffic if needed. If an accident is minor move it away from traffic to a safe place and call the police.

Other Actions to Take:

  • Keep your insurance ID cards in your vehicle at all times
  • Have a notepad and pen available to write down any information you receive at the scene including a summary of what happened
  • Call the police, even when the accident is minor
  • Get contact information for any witnesses there may have been
  • Be cooperative but DO NOT admit fault
  • Do not leave the scene until first responders arrive
  • Contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible 

Property Claims

Property claims are on the rise in Colorado, mostly due from the summer wind and hail storms. If you believe your property has been damaged it is important to know how to file a claim. Being prepared will make property claims less likely and less severe and it will also make your claim easier to handle. Show pride of ownership for your property and keep records of the upkeep you perform and if you can take pictures of your covered property that is a plus.

Other Actions to Take:

Document the date - If your property suffers a loss from a hail storm, or from any other covered peril, you will need to document the date to file a claim.

Contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible - Your claims adjuster will inspect the damages and assist you in repairing your home.

We highly recommend using local contractors who have been in business for at least a few years. The contractors you use to give estimates and perform your repairs should be licensed and insured with The State of Colorado. Always get a couple different estimates and check available references. Some scams in Colorado include door-to-door roofers telling you your roof is damaged when it is really not. They file a claim with your insurance carrier, collect the money, and either don’t do the work or do terrible work. If you think your roof is damaged call a few local roofers first.

The other scam is out of state roofers. Same scam whereas they file a claim on your behalf, collect the money meant for your home, and leave state never to be seen again.  

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